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I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

Review: Agile Data Science (O’Reilly Media)

2013.12.28. 14:38 soobrosa

You could say I'm a sucker for bashing, but hell no, was I just curious. Agile is something of an overused buzzword now and it seems to be the case now. Agile here equals with just installing a dozen frameworks after each other and skim another programming or markup language in a row spiced with…

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Review: Python for Data Analysis (O’Reilly Media)

2013.05.08. 20:04 soobrosa

Mea culpa, but I was waiting for THE Pandas book given its author. I believed that pandas deserve a good intro book with decently built examples and learning curve, but I was wrong. This book is a very uneven kind of batched together webreference chapters. Most of the material is not meant for…

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